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Everybody likes free - right? Here are some free eBooks to help you along the path of self-publishing, including my personal favorites from Kindle and Smashwords!

Building Your Book For Kindle - This free eBook is available on Amazon and has information about the basics of formating your book in Microsoft Word, uploading your eBook, adding a Table of Contents, and what to put at the beginning of your book (front matter). This book is approximately 31 pages and is available for download for your Kindle or download the free Kindle Reading App on your computer and read your book without a Kindle! This App allows you to read your eBooks in your browser, your Android phone, tablet, Blackberry, and numerous reading devices.

Smashwords Style Guide (Kindle edition in Amazon) - This excellent and informative eBook by Mark Coker contains all the info you need to publish through Smashwords (a distributor) who will format your eBook and make them available for Kobo, Diesel, and Barnes & Noble. This book is also available from Smashwords. Covered in this guide is how to format Microsoft Word (this is different from formatting for Kindle), how to upload your book, and how to fix potential errors.

Smashwords Book Marketing Guide - This is a "how to" on steps to follow for marketing your eBook. Smashwords has lots of free tools to help and this free eBook tells you how to use them.

The Secrets to eBook Publishing - This eBook is also by Mark Coker and gives the 30 best practices for the self-publishing indie author.

The top 10 blog posts of 2013 from TrainingAuthors.com Included is valuable information such as:

  • Ways to get extra book exposure through guest blogging
  • How to write an effective book tweet
  • Places to submit your free KDP Kindle Select promotion eBook
  • Keys to overcoming procrastination in writing a book





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